Sunday, June 16, 2013

Information About The Monastery of Saint Anthony Travel guide

The small community of Zafarana is 62 km south of Aïn Sukhna. It's really just an access point to the two neighbouring isolated monasteries of St Anthony's and St Paul's, the oldest in Egypt.

The Monastery of Saint Anthony is a Coptic Orthodox monastery located in Egypt eastern desert south of Suez deep in the Red Sea mountains, it is located 334 km southeast of Cairo. it is the largest of the Coptic Monasteries and one of the oldest monasteries in the world. The Monastery looks like a village with streets, it was founded by the disciples in Fourth Century AD. It is one of the most prominent monasteries and has promoted monasticism in Egypt.

The Monastery has exceptional wall paintings of holy knights in bright colors and the hermit founders of the monastery in subdued colors and icons. These wall paintings, widely known to monks and art historians, were obscured by soot, candle grease, oil and dust, but recently, in a collaborated effort between the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the American Research Center in Egypt, these unique painting were restored.

The oldest paintings date to the seventh and eighth centuries, while the newest are from the thirteenth century. In addition to the paintings, woodwork inside At. Antony's Church was also restored. Today it is a self-contained village with gardens, a mill, a bakery and five churches, the best of which is St. Antony's Church. Egypt monasteries are experiencing a revival, and the monk population of St. Antony's has grown considerably in recent years.

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