Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Facts About Karnak sound & Light Attractions

It is an enchanting and supernatural experience running every evening to listen to sound effects and gaze at the magnificent ruins of Karnak temples illuminated during the well-presented spectacle over upper Egypt's most magnificant temple. It allows the traveller to enjoy the site by moonlight, while booming voices share insights into Thebes whule it is coming back to glorious life.  Show times are at 6:30 PM, 7:45 PM and 9:00 PM. Various shows are in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

The Temple of Karnak is the largest Temple in the World! The complex contains a group of Temples such as the Great Temple of Amon Ra, The Temple of Khonso, The Ipt Temple, The Temple of Ptah, the Temple of Montho and the Temple of the God Osiris.

The area around Karnak was the ancient Egyptian and the main place of worship of the eighteenth dynasty Theban Triad with the god Amun as its head. It is part of the monumental city of Thebes.

The great temple at the heart of Karnak is so big, St Peter’s, Milan and Notre Dame Cathedrals could be lost within its walls. The Temple of Karnak is actually three main temples, smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples located about three kilometers north of Luxor, Egypt situated on 100 ha (247 acres) of land. Karnak is actually the sites modern name. Its ancient name was Ipet-isut, meaning “The Most Select (or Sacred) of Places”

Tours to Temple of Karnak are running from everywhere in Egypt as a day trip or within Egypt multi days travel packages,