Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Facts About The East Bank of Luxor Attractions

The East Bank of Luxor refers to the central part of Luxor township found on the east side of the Nile River, it is a pretty place centred on the twin Temple of Luxor, and Karnak Temple complex which are the two essential stops in the East Bank. It represented the main settlement of the living throughout the millennia - a role that has hardly changed.
Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile River in the city today known as Luxor and was founded in 1400 BCE. It was known in the New Kingdom period as Ipt-Rsyt, which means the southern shrine. Amenhotep III built Luxor Temple. Many festivals were celebrated in Thebes (Waset in ancient Egyptian).

The Temple of Karnak is the largest Temple in the World! The complex contains a group of Temples such as the Great Temple of Amon Ra, The Temple of Khonso, The Ipt Temple, The Temple of Ptah, the Temple of Montho and the Temple of the God Osiris.
The area around Karnak was the ancient Egyptian and the main place of worship of the eighteenth dynasty Theban Triad with the god Amun as its head. It is part of the monumental city of Thebes.

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